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Professional Vocals

For Recording Artists & Arts Organizations

Finish Projects. Build Communities. Grow Your Brand
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Hey, I'm SAEG

(And yes, it is pronounced "sage") 

I help artists produce quality music and brands deliver remarkable performances. 

Do you want to leave an impact on your audience, without wasting money or time? I'll help you do this by using the songwriting & performance skills I've gained over a decade.

Whether you're an artist or a company looking for talent to sell your product/event, I will get you right. I've helped several creators grow their audience and deliver performances people remember.

It's time to stop hearing about great moments and create your own.





Simple. Easy. Stress-free. 
The way art was meant to be. 
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Never stress over ETAs. Ever.
If it's not SAEG. You don't pay.
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5 star service.

More Than Just A Voice.

I am a songwriter, poet, producer, performer, and event host. I specialize in books and recordings for artists and business organizations. My mission is to help creators, like you, produce their BEST work and turn ideas into reality. 

Nothing in life is certain - except for my services.

Every service comes with the SAEG Promise:

  • Stay Respectful. I promise all communication will be professional, secure, and respectful at all times. No exceptions. 

  • Always On Time. I promise to adhere to all deadlines, call times, and other time frames agreed upon. 

  • Every. Last. Drop. I promise to give my full attention to your project and deliver any service to the best of my ability.

  • Genuine.  I promise everything I deliver is 100% original. I will never attempt to lie, cheat, steal, or deceive you in any way. 

Money-back guarantee. If I don't deliver all of the above, you will receive a FULL refund. 



You've got an event coming up and you need a performer to make it memorable—but you're not sure who to trust.

You don't want your audience to be disappointed, or worse, bored. You want them to have a good time, and maybe even come back for more.


As a performer with over a decade's worth of experience, I know what it takes to deliver on that promise. I've been on stage in front of thousands. From kid-friendly to adults-only - I've got what you need for any occasion. 

I will make sure everyone attending your event leaves with a positive experience. My services are professional, reliable, and affordable for any budget. These services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Corporate Event Performances

  • Wedding Emceeing 

  • Opening acts for concert/show

  • Live & Virtual Event Hosting

  • Open Mic Hosting 


Are you ready to book the best entertainment for your event?

  • Podcast/Radio Show Hosting 

  • Public/Motivational Speaking

  • Bar mitzvahs

  • Birthday Parties

  • Private events

Recording & Vocal Services 

I'm here to offer you a service that will make your projects sound professional, clear, and ready to go!


Whether you're an artist who needs vocals recorded for your upcoming project, or you're a business owner in need of voice-over work for your audiobook, commercial, animation, or video—I can help.


I've worked with recording artists from all over the world and have helped them get their projects done quickly and professionally. If you're looking to finish a project or need someone to clean up audio from another artist on your team—I've got what you need.

I will provide high-quality voice recordings for the following: 

  • Commercials

  • Audiobooks

  • Explainer videos

  • Promos

And anything else you might need a beautiful stranger's voice on ;) - Seriously, I've got what you need. 

  • Trailers

  •  Animation

  • Narration 

  • Sound Editing

Ready to bring those ideas to life?

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songwriting pic.jpeg


I'm a songwriter and producer with years of experience in the music industry. I've written and recorded hundreds of songs, produced albums, and helped others do the same. Now, I'm ready to offer my talents directly to you!


If you're looking for help finishing an unfinished song or album, or if you have an idea but don't have time to write lyrics, I can help. All you have to do is send me the instrumental track (or a rough vocal demo) and let me know what kind of sound you're going for—I'll take it from there!

The services I provide are:


  • Top lining 

  • Lyric writing

  • Hook Writing 

  • Melodies writing

  • Custom songwriting

  • Reference/Demo tracks

  • Ghost Writing 

  • Full-length songs

All songwriting services come with

  • 48-hour turnaround (excluding full albums/projects)

  • Commercial and personal use

  • 3 Revisions (Revisions are anything that requires writing a new verse or sequence. Small tweaks don't count towards this.) 

  • Project file and stems (Mix and master not included)

Ready to let the world hear what you have to say? 

Recording Made Simple

A good magician never reveals his secrets. I made an exception for you.
Logic Pro
Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen
USB interface
Audio Technica ATH M50x

Booking Made Simple

Here I go again. Giving away the sauce. (sigh)
You're worth it though.
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Step 1: Book Call
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Step 2: Sign Contract & Pay Invoice
Step 3: Do something you enjoy!
I'll do the heavy lifting
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Step 4: Review your delivery
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Step 5: Book agian.

Songs I've Written

Special Appearances

SAEG - With You (Official Music Video)
How To Escape The #Debtlife
Let's Make A Deal 11_7_2019.

About Me

Allow me to reintroduce myself,
my name is SAEG.

I’m a songwriter, voice actor,
and event performer.

I've always been a performer. I love to rap and make strange noises with my voice (especially in the shower), and I love writing songs.

But it wasn't until recently I realized how much more there is to be a recording artist than just making music. It's not just about the art—it's about getting your music out into the world and having an impact on people's lives.

And that's where Vocal Services for Recording Artists & Arts Organizations comes in: I do all the stuff you don't want to do so that you can focus on what matters most: making great art and producing memorable events! 

I started this company after seeing how many artists don't complete songs due to a lack of equipment, writer's block, or just because they don't know who else can help them get their projects done (trust me, been there). 

I've gone to several events where the speaker/entertainment didn't come on time or was unprofessional… and I decided it was time for me to step up and help creators deliver great performances!


Whether you need help finishing your song, or someone reliable to perform at an event for you (and keep your audience engaged throughout), I'm here for you!

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On your 15-minute call,
we'll talk about:
  • Your vision - the what, where, and when

  • Whether we're a good fit - Hey, I get it. We can't all be a "one-size fits all," but maybe I can lead you in the right direction

  • Rates - we'll discuss payment plans, splits, travel, etc.



Ready to make your vision a reality?
Fill out the form to schedule your free call. 
After all, all you have to lose is doubt.
What type of service are you interested in?

Excited to work together!

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