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BRN the MND, FREE the ART - A Musical Journey of Self-Discovery

ANIME X HIP-HOP is an event showcasing a transformative journey of self-discovery.

"BRN the MND, FREE the ART" is a four-movement musical event that aims to explore the themes of self-determination, inner dialogue, longing, and the art of becoming one within oneself through a captivating fusion of anime, music, poetry, and emotions.

See below for a description of each movement along with lyrics and reference tracks!

Thank you so much for your support!


BRN sets the tone with powerful arrangements and hard-hitting melodies. The music evokes a sense of empowerment and resilience, encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality and rise above adversity. By any means necessary.

Set (click on each for lyrics):

1. Problems

2. Do Bad

3. Dave Chappelle Freestyle


The second movement delves into introspection and the complexities of the mind. The ethereal soundscape, infused with electronic elements and haunting vocals, invites the audience to confront their inner turmoil and contemplation. The lyrics, a poetic tapestry of longing and introspection, mirror the delicate interplay of thoughts and emotions. 

Set (click on each for lyrics):

1. Dance In The Darkness

2. Blue Butterfly

3. Alive

SAEG FREE_edited.jpg

As the performance progresses into "FREE," the audience is enveloped in a symphony of liberation and yearning. The lyrics, infused with raw emotion and untamed spirit, convey the longing for freedom and self-expression.

Set (click on each for lyrics):

1. Free Slavestyle

2. DIE

3. Buke *

*Buke is a slang term that derives from the word "rebuke" and "puke." It is a process by which one takes many pills at once to free oneself from pain through vomit or death. 

The culmination of the event arrives with "ART," where the essence of self-discovery and harmonious unity is expressed. The minimalist yet evocative instrumentation, combined with evocative vocals, serves as a metaphor for the art of becoming one within oneself. The introspective lyrics and uplifting melodies invite the audience to embrace their vulnerabilities and strengths, embracing the beauty of self-realization.

Set (click on each for lyrics):

1. Float

2. Write You A Song

3. Nobody Else



Original Song Track List

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